Housing Programs

Three Housing Programs

  • 24-Hour Supervised Care
  • Semi-Independent Housing with Residential Support
  • Community Housing - Independent Rentals

Why Choose Us

  • We offer More than One Type of Housing,

  • Our properties are conveniently located on the City Bus Line.
  • Our properties are located throughout Wake County (North Carolina).
  • Our properties are an All-Inclusive Services for one easy monthly rental payment.
  • Our properties are Equipped to handle the physically handicapped, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Blind populations.
  • We provide unique and personalized care for adults who need help managing challenges in life.
    • Room & Board Rentals include common utilities such as laundry service, and cable ready units.

      Choose the Best Service for you!

      To apply to our 5600 Group Home Facilities - Please email the following referral documents to our QP

      24-hour Supervised Care

      Our Agency Offers Three Independent Programs:

      • Semi-Independent
      • Veteran Housing
      • Independent Rentals

      Semi-Independent Housing


      Our Community Housing are offered in Two Unique Platforms

      Semi - Independent

      Our Semi-Independent Housing offers Residents the ability to live independently while still receiving support from outside their home via staff or community supports.

      Veteran Homes

      Located throughout Wake County, this program helps Homeless Veterans find a home. This program works with the Shelters and Criminal Justice System to provide the Quality Care for those who served our Country.

      Independent Housing Programs