E D Emmanuel Homes, LLC will provide housing and support services to persons with Physical, Mental, and Developmental disabilities.

Here we enable our Residents to make informed choices in the management of their daily lives.

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Offering affordable housing options for Wake County Residents

Providing unique and personalized care for adults who need help managing their mental illness challenges.
Administering medication, medication management, and medication education.
Maintaining a loving environment in the absence of immediate family members.
Expanding opportunities for Residents through employment, workshops, day programs, volunteerism, socialization, and community involvement.
Linking Residents to much-needed community resources via referrals and vouchers.
Implementing personal care and supportive services to further development of life-skills, self-sufficiency, and independence.
Providing peace of mind for each Resident's extended care team including family members, guardians, and payees.
Coordinating with medical and mental health care providers to establish  comprehensive treatment plans.


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